The 12 Keys to Your 2024 ERP Project Success

December 12, 2023
Dave Brady

It’s now a proven fact that Digital Transformation is changing the competitive landscape of every industry and market. Agile enterprise systems capabilities are a key factor behind the winners and losers in this race.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are one of the most important business management systems that drive Digital Transformation.

Companies should re-evaluate their Enterprise Systems every few years to ensure competitive advantage and positive business impacts. This is especially true for their ERP implementation.

These are 12 important keys you should utilize to ensure  your ERP Project Success:

  1. Have a committed and accountable project team
  2. Free up time for project team (backfill where necessary)
  3. Have an internal executive sponsor, a project manager, and a steering committee
  4. Plan for the unexpected and build-in contingencies (time & money, 10-20%)
  5. Select the ERP solution closest aligned to how you want to operate your business going forward
  6. Modify your processes to fit the solution, don’t modify the solution to fit your old processes
  7. Only make system changes for “Key Strategic Differentiators” which are the things your company does uniquely that  ensures your advantage in the marketplace
  8. Don’t convert years and years of data that you will never look at. Convert the master records and some past data and start as fresh as possible. Keep the old system running or build a data warehouse that aggregates old and new data if possible.
  9. Plan for ongoing optimization and enhancements. You don’t need to do everything in Phase 1.
  10. Have business readiness and go live checklists, and commit to using them
  11. Plan for 1-2 months of Go Live support to ensure a smooth transition.
  12. Focus on successful Adoption - trained users are happy users.

The Turning Point Consulting team has partnered with many companies to make sure these 12 steps are followed and realized successful ERP deployments.  We start our client partnerships with a robust assessment process that will help you understand your ERP situation and how best to proceed. Set up a time to chat here.

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