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Strategic Business Consulting Services Focused on Your Outcomes

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and unpredictable. Executives are constantly juggling priorities around sales, customers, operations, finance, people, and technology. With so little time left to actually work on improving the business, it’s no surprise change and transformation are so difficult.

As an executive, you need a strategic business consulting partner who understands these challenges and can help you tackle them simultaneously. You also need a team that has a proven track record for reimagining business models and leveraging technology to accelerate growth, improve margins, optimize your operations, manage risks and drive innovation and achieve results for business performance.

Turning Point was founded on the belief that technology alone seldom solves business issues; rather transforming process, changing how people work combined with the right technology results in outcomes that deliver lasting value.

At Turning Point Consulting, we believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams, where business and technology expertise are critical. Our experts in Advisory, Enterprise Systems, and Data & Analytics are experienced across many industry verticals and bring strategic business consulting and proven methodologies to every engagement.

Our Key Business Consulting Practices


Advising our clients on business strategy and technology while providing roadmaps and direction

Enterprise Systems
Enterprise Systems

Your key business systems should accelerate your business, not hold you back

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

Your data should be telling the ongoing story about your business

Our Industry Expertise

We have experience in many industries but concentrations in the following