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Proven Consulting Framework And Methodologies

Our Consulting Framework And Methodologies Make All the Difference

Company executives struggle to execute measurable change company-wide. Our proven consulting framework and methodologies born from C-suite leadership experience help you realize profitability, scalability, and clarity for higher margins and more wins.

Our Business Consulting Methodologies

TPC 5Ps of Change & Transformation Framework™

The TPC 5Ps of Change & Transformation Framework™
is how successful "Change and Transformation" projects get executed – aligning Purpose, People, Process, Platform, and Projects to achieve successful outcomes.

TPC Assessment and Strategy Methodology™

This comprehensive business and technology assessment covers marketing, sales, products & services, supply chains, operations, IT, and compliance, culminating in recommendations to profitably grow and thrive.

TPC Software Selection Process™

From requirements to the selection, we help you navigate the many options to find the best-fit solutions to meet your unique business objectives, creating lasting value. We lead with battle-tested experts to vet requirements, shortlist options, arrange demos, make selections, and close contracts.

TPC Systems Implementation Methodology™

Be it a new system, analytics, upgrades, or a failed project recovery, our consulting framework and methodology incorporates preparation, readiness, deployment, and support to deliver success every time. We bring the experience in project management and business who have "Been There, Done That" and know what it takes to make you successful.

TPC M&A Due Diligence Methodology™

We conduct comprehensive merger and acquisition (M&A) due-diligence reviews of business operations, leadership, technology, and compliance to vet opportunities and risks. Our findings lead to integration roadmaps, investments, synergies, and actionable integration plans to rapidly capitalize on the investment.

TPC LEAN Kaizen & VSM Methodology™

Significant "Change and Transformation" begins by knowing who you are and where you're going. We break down the differentiators that matter, the processes that must be, and where best practice can help. The result is "Your Way," differentiated efficiency designed by your team of experts and key influencers. Real change begins here!

TPC Program Governance Methodology™

Our battle-tested governance, change, project management, and communications consistently deliver exceptional results, from the boardroom to the back office.

TPC Business Resilience Methodology™

Business resilience is not just about surviving crises; it's about thriving in the face of adversity and positioning an organization for long-term success. Our approach ensures critical functions and operations can continue during and after disruptions. This minimizes downtime, revenue loss, and customer dissatisfaction. The benefits of business resilience extend beyond mere survival; they encompass stability, growth, and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. Resilience planning encourages a strategic approach to decision-making. Organizations are more likely to consider long-term consequences and the potential impact of disruptions when making strategic choices.

5Ps Methodology Videos

Our Proven Business Consulting Methodology For Solving Complex Business Challenges
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