Private Equity Portfolio Value Creation

Building a platform for exit requires an operating model with operations excellence and technology that supports the business, creating business value.


Defining “Your Way” is the blueprint for organizational success and value creation. What you do and how you do it is why your customers and partners do business with you. Capitalize on your strengths and transform your weaknesses to outperform your competitors.

Create business value by finding best-fit platforms, creating a culture of change, future-proofing investments, and driving value through Lean business transformation.

What we do for Portfolio Value Creation

Strategy and Operating Model

A strategy and operating model provide a comprehensive approach to achieving desired outcomes. The strategy sets the direction and goals, while the operating model outlines the practical implementation and execution of the strategy. A well-defined strategy should be focused, actionable, and adaptable to changing circumstances. Creating an operating model entails designing the structure and processes required to execute the strategy effectively. It involves defining roles and responsibilities, establishing workflows, implementing technology solutions, and establishing performance measurement and feedback mechanisms. The strategy and operating model should be aligned and continuously reviewed to remain relevant and effective.

Operations Excellence

Outperform the competition, improving gross and net margins through Operations Excellence. Turning Point’s corporate strategy advisory experience helps you realize process effectiveness and efficiencies by incorporating best practices, standard processes, and continuous improvement coupled with your unique differentiators. Turning Points business advisory services leads you through LEAN, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and or Value Stream Mapping exercises, culminating with the organizational change management required to ensure lasting outcomes.

Technology Platforms & Integration

You need the right platforms and technology to support the growth and expansion of your portfolio. Our team works across systems to help you identify the right ones for growth and scalability that align with your strategy and operating model. Whether it’s ERP, CRM, PSA, HRIS, or another business system, we assess and provide you with a program and timeline that best meets your needs and expectations.

Corporate & Business Transformation

Our Corporate Transformation team helps CEOs and executive teams transform their business from the inside out—achieving near-term results and long-term value. First, we help you build an enterprise-wide blueprint for value realization, supported by detailed execution plans for people, financials, technology, and customers. Then, we work side-by-side on workstreams to drive near-term financial and operational results.
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