Post-Merger Integration

Our unique approach of Value Preservation, Value Realization, and Value Creation is the key to integrating companies.


The TPC M&A Due Diligence Methodology℠ ensure a comprehensive understanding of the business operations, leadership, technology, and InfoSec of the company you are looking at to understand risk and integration strategies and execution roadmaps aligned to your objectives.

What we do for Post-Merger Integration

Integration Program Management

Establish and run an effective integration program, with a defined structure, roles and responsibilities, and tools for tracking progress, risks, dependencies, and synergies.

We organize an open and collaborative approach to the integration program that promotes early detection of risks, dependencies, and obstacles, in order to resolve issues quickly and keep the integration moving at the fastest possible pace. 

Our program tools, templates and dashboards minimize administrative workload during execution, so you can achieve post-merger success with leaner teams.

Organizational Integration & Change Management

Retention of your employee base is a top priority in most integrations.  Change can be difficult for some with a new leader, new role, and/or different responsibilities. 

Our comprehensive and proactive organizational change management communication plan aligns leaders and brings together cultures and operating norms while avoiding common M&A integration barriers and pitfalls. So, you can integrate teams, navigate complex change, keep employees engaged, and maximize retention.

Process Integration & Optimization

Often the acquired business requires changes to your standard processes to cover different business models, new regions/countries, and new business verticals. 

Our process engineers and technical writers can be leveraged to merge processes, publish procedures & flows, automate & optimize workflows and train teams. 

Technology Integration

Accelerate the path to unified operations with an efficient approach to consolidating and integrating core systems. Technology touches every department, every employee and drives significant costs when duplicated. 

We bring the needed tools and technical expertise to migrate users, data, and business operations to the surviving technology platform. 

Our migration tools and accelerators for enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and other systems allow you to integrate operations faster and gain synergies earlier.

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