Business and Technology Due Diligence

Avoid M&A pitfalls by ensuring your target has the business and technology foundation to support your investment thesis.


Our TPC M&A Due Diligence Methodology℠ will help you answer questions about the value drivers of your deal. Validating the acquisition target’s operational health is essential before finalizing a deal.  Our team of due diligence experts are ready to review the target acquisition on short notice thoroughly. 

What we do for Business and Technology Due Diligence

We have a comprehensive due diligence approach that delivers results. We begin by performing the following actions:

Interview the leadership team & department heads
Gather financial & operational details
Observe organizational operations in action
Review IT infrastructure and business systems
Create a comprehensive report out with timelines and roadmaps

We report back with an insightful analysis of the state of the organization to help confirm or clarify disclosed facts, uncover hidden risks, assess leadership & culture, and identify deficiencies that require additional investment. 

Depending upon the capabilities of your team, we can help request, organize, and manage the collection of documents in a secure data vault, assist with contract & financial reviews and negotiations.

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