Data & Analytics

Delivering Transformational Value From Data​

Companies today are drowning in data, but most aren’t using data to their advantage. Data, in and of itself, is ineffective until transformed into knowledge and insights, which leads to timely and impactful decision making.

As business data analysts, we help our clients become Data Enabled organizations and make a sense of data from internal systems, third-parties, streams (IoT) and event hubs.

Value Driven Data Decisions

Understand short and long-term data priorities
Establish data governance
Develop the infrastructure
Collect, clean, and transform
Display and visualize
Orchestrate and automate

Data & Analytics Capabilities

Data Assessments and Strategy

Uncover data/analytics capabilities, needs, and maturity level, culminating in a data/analytics strategy, and roadmap to deliver timely insights and knowledge you need to drive the business forward.

Data Management and Governance

Establish foundational data disciplines and capabilities, including business data planning, collecting, organizing, consistency, security, and delivery.

Data Integrity and Infrastructure

Develop and execute business data strategies and capabilities to collect, move, store, secure, clean, consolidate, transform, and visualize data in real-time.

Modern Data Warehouse

Data exists in multiple sources and formats, as both structured and unstructured. Cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions are common. We account for all nuances to design and deliver solutions best fit for our clients.

Reports, Dashboards, and Visualizations

We build efficiency and reduce the cost of manually generated reports, by automating data collection, aggregation, and distribution to key stakeholders. As business data analysts, we drive insights by presenting information in a visually consistent method through rich, effectively designed visualizations and dashboards.

Machine Learning and AI

Orchestration and automation powered by cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). AI provides deeper insights and machine learning analyzes those trends, enabling automated responses to provide more timely and efficient actions.

Recent Data Clients

Data & Analytics Articles

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