Winning with Information

April 23, 2020
Ron Geiwitz

“How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

— "Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System". Book by Bill Gates, 1999.

Timeless insight from Bill Gates and still relevant in today’s hyper-accelerated business environment. Businesses that embrace fact-based decision making and turn their data into information simply outperform those using anecdotes and intuition.

In this volatile economic climate, timely and actionable information is clearly an advantage.

Many successful business leaders know this and prepared their organizations to leverage this powerful capability. Timely and actionable information can provide numerous benefits to your business, such as:

  1. Driving new revenue channels
  2. Timely forecasts
  3. Improving product and service margins
  4. Improving operational efficiency
  5. Identifying and addressing issues
  6. Accelerated decision-making
  7. Capitalizing on changing market trends
  8. Increased competitive advantages

No matter the industry, your size, or how many systems you have, information can be turned into a competitive weapon.

Do you have insights into your business to make timely, strategic, and fact-based decisions? If not, Turning Point can help. From data categorization, extraction, harmonization to live dashboards, we have the business and technical experts who can turn your data to information and accelerate your business.

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