Five Ps of Change and Transformation – Purpose

March 2, 2024
Dave Brady

Change and transformations journey starts with Purpose, the 1st of the 5Ps, and just maybe the most important one. Purpose clarifies the “What” and “Why”, the reasons for change and the organizations intent. This seems so simple, yet it’s very important towards driving successful outcomes.  

Purpose conveyed well solicits emotional buy in and support with a vision and mission for all affected stakeholders; employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and sometimes community.  

It addresses the core questions that any large change and transformation project should know and convey.

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. What are the expected outcomes?
  4. What are the specific benefits once complete?
  5. What does the journey look like?
  6. How does it affect me and my co-workers?
  7. What are the consequences of failure?

People and organizations armed with answers to these questions are more likely than not to support the changes to come. Bear in mind you never get 100% buy-in; there will always be naysayers. Others may take a wait and see approach before committing. This is where leadership must step in. Engaged leadership driving concise messaging around purpose and intent, leading frequent town halls, department discussions and one on ones will enlist more support faster than anything else. 

Stakeholders and employee’s alike care about your business and will rally around a good cause. 

So, at the outset of your next transformative project, state the purpose and clarify your intent. Get out there, talk to your people and keep it up throughout the entire journey. It makes a big difference to your outcome.

Dave Brady, Turning Point President and CEO

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