Infor CloudSuite Industrial / SyteLine Upgrade

This Minnesota based manufacturer had been an Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI)/SyteLine customer for many years and had experienced the challenges of upgrading CSI/SyteLine in the past.  The previous upgrade was nothing short of a disaster. Their partner assembled a team of consultants with little CSI/SyteLine ERP upgrade experience.  Also, poor project management on the partner side led to budget overages and late project delivery.  They completed the upgrade after they replaced the project team but were apprehensive about future upgrades.

Knowing Turning Point Consulting’s experience with Infor CSI/SyteLine and exceptional results with large project execution, our client asked if we would help them upgrade to version 10.  Our client explained the challenges with the previous upgrade and their reluctance to engage the same partner. They inquired about our team, execution approach, and how we can help ensure project success.


We listened to our client’s purpose for the upgrade and the outcome they wanted to achieve.  We took the time to explain our approach and why Turning Point Consulting was different.  The Turning Point Consulting approach is two-fold.  First, we staffed the project team with senior-level resources with real-world expertise in Infor CSI/SyteLine. Turning Point does not use junior-level consultants with limited experience and high rates.  Second, the Turning Point System Implementation Methodology℠ is a proven approach that has delivered dozens of successful software implementations.  The methodology was built on years of leading software implementation projects and structured to ensure project success.


From the project kick-off, our focus was on client success. Adhering to our implementation methodology, we made sure our client had the right internal team structure in place, and we had a formalized project upgrade plan with deliverables and dates.  Our client was terrific.  They understood the importance of setting clear goals and having good internal documentation, especially around customizations.  They also listened to our recommendations on technical requirements and the benefits the users would see. Beyond the CSI/SyteLine upgrade, our client was using Infor CPQ, so we brought in a CPQ expert to migrate to the new environment.  We also coordinated our upgrade efforts with the implementation of SureShip software from AIT Business Services. 

End Result

The Turning Point Consulting project team, in conjunction with our client’s team, delivered a fully upgraded Infor CSI/SyteLine version 10 on time and under budget. With the thorough project plan and adherence to the Turning Point Consulting Software Implementation Methodology℠, post-go-live issues were minimal and easily correctable.  The project was a success, but by choosing to use Turning Point Consulting, our client saved over 150 hours of professional service over competitive bids and had a partner who put their needs first.

Client Success Profile




$50 million

Project Length

4 Months


Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine v10
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