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Don’t Let Your ERP Investment Turn Your Business Upside Down

According to Gartner, over 50% of ERP implementation projects fail or don't meet their intended objectives.

The numbers are staggering. Companies invest heavily in systems to help operate their business more efficiently, leaving them with less-than-adequate outcomes. Beyond the financial burden is the lack of confidence and trust throughout the organization leading to buyer’s remorse and lack of adoption.

NetSuite implementations are not immune from such failures. But there is a way to recover from your situation and move forward. 

NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP and is a unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, PSA, HCM solutions.  

When implemented correctly, NetSuite drives high-value business outcomes. 

But you need the right NetSuite implementation and support partner. 

Turning Point has a 99% client project success rate. We ensure our clients’ NetSuite systems deliver expected business results, high ROI, and great user experiences.  NetSuite becomes the heart of your successful digital infrastructure. 

Understanding why NetSuite implementations fail can help inform how to best optimize your situation going forward. Below are just a few reasons why implementation projects fail:
Lack of proper change management
Poor project governance
Lack of quantifiable goals
Customize over configuration
Poor communication and end-user buy-in
Wrong software integrator was chosen
Budget constraints
Uncommitted project teams
Lack of adequate training
Data migration challenges
Too much focus on "the way we've
always done it" instead of best practices

Maximize the Value of Your NetSuite Investment

Are You Using NetSuite Best Practices?

From our experience with our NetSuite clients, Turning Point understands how to identify NetSuite implementation issues and the opportunities to realize ongoing value through the implementation of TPC Complete™ for NetSuite best practices.

What Is My First Step? 

It is important to baseline your current NetSuite system status and identify implementation issues and areas for optimization.   This discovery tool will guide you through the key areas that are affecting your NetSuite system. Using the Discovery Report, you can begin to create a NetSuite Optimization Plan. 

Access the Tool Here >>

Next Do A Deeper Dive – NetSuite Optimize Assessment Workshop

After reviewing the results of the NetSuite Optimize Discovery Tool, you will understand your baseline and can begin to create your NetSuite Optimization Plan. To identify and collect all the relevant information to create a project plan, Turning Point provides the 2-day NetSuite Optimize Assessment Workshop.  

Turning Point will work with you and your team to identify issue root causes and opportunities for new optimizations. The Assessment Report will detail your next steps, project roadmap, timelines, and potential NetSuite project investments. The report concludes with estimated financial productivity, business outcomes, and Key Performance Indicators. 

Download the Assessment Overview PDF >>

Then Successfully Deliver Your NetSuite Optimization Project

With all the insights and planning information obtained from the NetSuite Optimization Assessment Workshop, Turning Point will work with your Company’s staff to create and execute your NetSuite Optimization Project. 

Get your project right the first time and mitigate risks. Your foremost goal is to realize your company’s business strategy and objective with your NetSuite implementation. 

Turning Point is committed exclusively to our client’s success. We are a NetSuite Alliance Partner focused on making sure your NetSuite System delivers exceptional outcomes. 

Our clients continuously turn to us because of our: 

Expertise: Our team has a deep and broad understanding of NetSuite and project execution. Feel confident in the knowledge that we are devoted to the success of your project.

Project Recovery Success: A proven track record of success, including several NetSuite project recoveries.

Experience: Our team has over 20 years of individual experience working with NetSuite and other ERP systems.

Dedication: The scalability support allows us to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Customer Service: Continuous access to our support team allows for timely and practical solutions to any problem you may encounter.

Futureproof with the NetSuite Optimize Support Program

Turning Point Consulting’s NetSuite Optimize Support Program includes proactive and reactive services based on established Service Level Objectives (SLOs). The objective is to resolve issues and answer  user queries within agreed timeframes.  

This program is offered at a fixed price with a 12-month term. The program includes proactive service hours which can be used for implementing support projects not covered by Program Core Services. 

Program benefits include: 

  • Proactive and reactive support services based on established SLOs. 
  • Ability to address issues before they occur by utilizing proactive services from an allocated pool of hours.
  • Dedicated Account Support Manager (ASM) with Business Analysis/NetSuite skill sets. 
  • Priority access to backline functional and engineering teams for quicker call to resolution. 

Request the complete NetSuite Optimize Support Program overview using this form:

Please don’t delay any longer. Contact us today to learn about how we can help!

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